One Year Later – Iain’s Official Weigh-in and Loony Dook Forfeit

It’s January 3 2012 and I feel utterly toxic, tired and more than a little dispirited.

When we started this whole caper I was an eye-watering 20 stone 11b.

This time last year Shaun and I promised to attempt to lose five stones, or 70lb each, during the course of the year and to record all of it.

In the end I managed to shift just 19lb, getting down to a rather roly poly 19 stone 7lb. Hardly a great achievement over 12 months.

After losing the challenge I was quite prepared to fulfill the bet with Shaun and don my mankini for the Loony Dook on New Year’s Day.

A bet is a bet.

Loony Dook

The Loony Dook was actually good fun, even if I got a bit of stick for wearing cycling shorts underneath my mankini (after a dry run in the privacy of my toilet on Hogmanay I reaised the world really wasn’t ready for me without them).

After meeting up with some photographer pals at the Loony Dook Shaun and I have now been plastered across the pages of my former paper, the Daily Record, so my failure to make the grade is nationally public.

I might be a bit dispirited but, despite the photos, I am not humiliated.

From the middle of 2011 I sensed I was going to be wearing that mankini. There is no shame in coming second to Shaun given the scale of his achievement, but I really let myself down with my waywardness towards the end halfway point of the challenge, especially from October onwards.

At one point in the year I was a baw-hair off losing three stone, so I know this is all achievable.

There are huge gaps in my 2011 record too, but I will be filling in many of them in the evenings ahead as I review my food diary photos and plot them against my actual diet tracker

So there it is. Not 70lb lighter but 19lb.

There are all manner of excuses – time, family, work, lack of planning and motivation, but none of this is rocket science; If you eat less and do more, you lose weight.

Now what?

Well I need to keep going. I simply have to. I made a pledge to lose this weight and I will do it.

First thing is for me to re-acquaint myself with Paul the Trainer, if he’ll have me.

I know 2011 was a watershed year for Paul too, and he now has his own fully-fledged business. He may not want anything to do with us (me), but even if he points us in the direction of a programme which he thinks could benefit us that would be a great start.

Likewise I will be back in touch with the inspirational Angie McAvenna in the next few days. Angie is the walking proof that this can be done, that lives can be changed.

At this time of the year there are all manner of health and dieting stories. I loved reading for example, how there is nothing new under the sun, and that even the mad, bad Lord Byron had his his own weight woes. I’m not sure I’d follow his regime though.

Likewise the other story which has caught my eye – ‘January detox doesn’t work’ – struck home. If you read it properly it isn’t that detox doesn’t work…it’s that stopping detox after a month doesn’t work.

I’m under no illusion that my efforts in 2011 would have gone a lot further if I had stayed out the pub for longer. The lesson has been learnt.

So Shaun and I have still to sit down and figure out a proper programme for 2012. We’ll be putting together a calendar shortly.

I have enrolled in just one event so far this year – The Great Scottish Run in September 2012, when I will be doing a 10k, but I am open to any idea.

If you have any advice on how I can hit that 5 stone target let me know by mailing to

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One Response to One Year Later – Iain’s Official Weigh-in and Loony Dook Forfeit

  1. Iain,

    I think a trainer is a good idea. But just make sure you find the right who can work with your needs. They should be working to keep you on your target goals, and simply help to get you ready for that Sept. Race. Good luck!


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